This is the best school we have ever been to. Federico is a great person who really loves and cares about children and selects staff very carefully. When we flew away the children spoke about Ms. Amelia, that she was a real friend, who was interested in her affairs and success, and the children asked to call the teachers all the time. Federico always gave advise and support on the psychological state of the child….and of the mothers ;). The children learned a lot in the classroom, reading, writing, maths, and just learned a lot about life. According to the children, they hated weekends, because these days there was no school. We only remember with kind words.


When we moved to Bali in December, the most important question that had to be answered was which would be out daughters school. We visited all the places in the bukit area and Wisdom Academy happened to be the last school on our route. When we walked up the the stairs of the school we felt something warmth emanating, it was full of positive energy. When we talked to Federico, the owner of the school, we could see he was an absolutely competent and qualified psychologist with 25 years of experience. We were certain Wisdom Academy was the place for our daughter. Now I am absolutely sure that Wisdom Academy is the best school all over the Bukit and Bali.


We thank Federico and the teachers of his school for the incredibly friendly atmosphere in the team!

My daughter ran to school like a Holiday every day!

During the time she spent there, Eva learned a lot of new English words, it was her first experience of immersion in a new language environment.