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Welcome to Wisdom Academy

At Wisdom Academy we know that a well-rounded education should focus on more than just academic achievement. In these unpredictable times the best predictors of a successful life are good social & emotional skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork and self-awareness.
At The heart of any good teacher we will find a great leader. To lead children it is essential to build trust in order to create healthy lines of interaction and communication. For this we must first nurture their uniqueness and learn who they are; their stregths, their weaknesess, their emotional state and their personal circusmstances. This in turn allows us to personalize our attention and care for them, thus creating a safe environment for the child to begin to trust and open up to the world around them. From then on we provide the support and exposure they need in order to engage positively with the challenges that lie ahead.
At wisdom academy our team of teachers and psychologists work together to support each child in the development of their academic, social and emotional skills, as well as attend to their phisical and mental health.
Teaching is our passion. Helping raise well-rounded, confident, self-aware individuals is our calling.

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Ms. Amelia Head Teacher
Federico Santana Head of School
Ms. Deasy Head Teacher